I wish our guys were ‘relentless’


That’s the MSNBC.com front page this morning.

I wish our guys got going when the going got tough. I wish our guys would stand up and put it on the line.

Oh, that’s right…they do. They are relentless.

Some people might forget that, though, since they’re never reminded. If they even knew it in the first place.

This latest rash of attacks is certainly newsworthy. And it deserves coverage. But we don’t ever see the other side on the front page.

Once in while it would be refreshing (not to mention more honest) to see something along these lines:

NOTE: This is a fake. You won’t see this in the real world. Unfortunately.


  1. It’s funny(maybe sad would be more descriptive), but true. I just wrote a letter to the editor of my hometown newspaper (that saints preserve us, got printed), and have gotten my second official piece of what I have dubbed ‘hatemail’. The funny thing is, both of the writers refused to put a return address, or sign their letters. Then the rat bastards have the gall to question my courage, and to insist that I couldn’t possibly be in the military because I say that we shouldn’t be immediately pulling out. Funny thing is, I’ve been in the army for 10 years, and plan on being in another 20. Yet they are so cowardly as to assume that I’m ‘standing on the sidelines singing the star spangled banner’, rather than backing up my words. Just the rabid liberal left at work, I guess.

  2. The truly amazing thing is that our troop are so disciplined, they have not started shooting journalists on sight (yet).