Insurgents use UAV…sort of

Booby-trapped dog explodes in Iraq

Via FR. Running short of suicide bombers?

A booby-trapped dog targeting a police patrol exploded in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk Sunday, injuring one police office, police said.

Sources in the oil-rich city said the dog was apparently drugged and blew up as a police patrol was passing on a main road in eastern Kirkuk.

It’s also clear who the insurgents think the real enemy is, and it isn’t the American military. I’ve noted many times that the fact that Iraqi police and military forces are taking the brunt of the attacks underscores both the threat they pose to the jihadists and the fact that most Iraqis are serious about running their own country. In February of 2004 I noted this snippet in the famous Zarqawi letter:

“The problem is you end up having an army and police connected by lineage, blood and appearance,” the document says. “When the Americans withdraw, and they have already started doing that, they get replaced by these agents who are intimately linked to the people of this region.”

While American troops remain at risk, most attacks against them are roadside bombs and hit-and-run mortar potshots. The attacks against Iraqi police and military recruits continue, as do the attacks against civilians. That is not a winning strategy, and barely even a fighting retreat.

Though the carnage (and threats of carnage) will continue, the Iraqi people have shown remarkable resilience. They seem to understand what this is all about, and they aren’t so quick to forget the hope that Saddam’s downfall and millions of purple fingers brought.

The insurgents, too, have shown remarkable resilience, and they, too, seem to understand what this is all about. They haven’t forgotten the hope that’s been kindled in the Iraqi people, and they are doing everything in their power to extinguish it.


  1. They already tried using the mentally disabled. Opie and Anthony did a bit on that which was so funny I nearly drove off the road.

  2. Not to worry folks. The S.P.C.A. has activated a reinforced battalion of P.E.T.A. troops. They will be deployed in the near future and will be equipped to counter all canine suicide attacks.

  3. I guess it goes to show you that some people are so unpleasant that they’d even blow up Man’s Best Friend after drugging him or her. What a wonderful example they set. No wonder so many are flocking to their aid. I’m sure they’ll get their just desserts too.