Front Page Watch – Bogged Down

This morning’s front page image:

But why not ever:

I’ve been working to make these look better. This here is my original. I reworked it on 07/01/05 using my new process. I posted the redo above.



  1. You think the This morning’s front page image is disgusting try looking at any Euroweenie news site.

  2. I used to visit MSNBC regularly for news. I still visit once in a while for the Sports and Tech articles but I zip right by the front page. It is truly annoying how the headlines there are so obviously opinions not news. They really are the worst.

  3. For all my bashing, I don’t generally mind except for the headlines. The stories are generally better than most other Legacy Media sites. (Note that that isn’t particularly flattering praise…) And yeah, I know most European Legacy Media is even worse. Thankfully, I’m not over there so I’ll just ignore them for the most part. They have, for the most part, shown their colors long ago.

  4. Nice graphic re the jihadist forces bogged down in Iraq. Could also include the sub-headline: ‘Martyrdom in Western Counties at 2-Year Low as Forces Struggle to Retake Iraq.’