Oh no! Scary assault rifles!

Killers turn to assault rifles

Flint, MI:

Assault rifles favored by Iraqi insurgents are finding their way onto Flint streets in alarming numbers.

A spate of shootings using such 7.62 mm assault rifles as AK-47s has police worried about high-powered weapons better suited for war zones.

On Saturday, Kenneth M. Frohm, 28, of North Branch was killed when rounds from an assault rifle were fired into a pickup on Flint’s southeast side.

A few days earlier, a Flint man was killed and another man wounded by a drive-by shooter wielding a 7.62 mm rifle on Kleinpell Street.

On June 10, a Flint man was killed when someone fired an assault rifle into a car at a S. Dort Highway parking lot. [emphasis mine]

This is a serious problem, of course. What can we do to counter-act the growing threat of assault rifles?

One problem:

Since police haven’t recovered any of the guns yet, Hagler said police aren’t sure what types of guns are being used.

Hmmm. So I guess it’s safe to say that the “assault rifle” claim is unsubstantiated, to say the least.

In other investigations, there have actually been weapons found:

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Department has seized 10 7.62 mm rifles in the past couple of months, including fully automatic versions that are illegal.

“We are seeing more of them, especially in drug houses,” said Undersheriff James S. Gage.

So apparently outlawing guns isn’t helping much, as the fully automatics have long been against the law.

Also, I would be interested in seeing a truthful breakdown showing how many supporters of stricter gun control also support fewer (or no) drug control laws and/or the end of the War on Drugs. A major argument of the pro-drug (or whatever) crowd is that using drugs is a personal decision that doesn’t affect others, but even if you discount the friends and family of the drug addict, it’s clear that many people are, indeed, affected by the violence that follows the drug trade around. (via FR)


  1. It took 3 reports to write that story? I bet none of them have ever fired a rifle. They keep talking about ‘7.62 mm rifles.’ That can include AK’s as well as .308 or .30-06 hunting rifles. They don’t specify on the 10 rifles siezed ‘in the past couple of months.’ Crap.

  2. GL: That thing is a 5.56 rodent shooter. You’ll have trouble convincing most MO readers that it’s a threat to anyone.

  3. M, But it’s scary looking! With a pistol grip! And has a bayonet! It’s black! It is CLEARLY an assault rifle, and the scourge of our times!!

  4. Well, I’m staunchly pro 2nd amendment AND in favor of legalizing drugs, prostitution and gambling (Libertarian in a Republican’s wool, LOL!). I guess with Native American Casinos about every 50 miles in Michigan….gambling has been legalzed. The sad part is most of the anti gun types don’t realize ‘laws’ don’t prevent crime……….just give the ‘state’ a legal mechanism for trying and punishing (if they can prove their case) the criminals. This won’t stop them with equating ‘less guns’ with less crime though.

  5. So if these people had been shot with a Colt .45 or some other legal weapon, they’d still be just fine, right? Or, say, a legal hunting rifle? Pfft. Most ‘assault weapons’ use shortened cartridges anyway. A hunting rifle would most likely not, making it more lethal on a shot-for-shot basis, surely? I’ve never understood what makes a difficult-to-conceal rifle with ammo-wasting full-auto mode so much ‘worse’ than a semi-automatic pistol.

  6. As far as the violent crime that follows the drug trade around…during Prohibition I, violent crime used to follow the alcohol trade around, as well. Prohibition ended, and now there isn’t a whole lot of violence involved in the booze trade. Folks who get violent while drunk are another matter, as would be folks who got violent while high on legal drugs.