Checkpoint Charlie to be razed on July 4th

Berlin Outrage

This is not Scrappleface. This is true:

We didn’t think it could get much worse in Germany…well, it just did. Davids Medienkritik recently learned that the Berlin city government, made up of a coalition between the SPD (Gerhard Schroeder’s Social-Democrats) and the PDS (former SED party that ran Communist East Germany), has decided to allow the razing of the Checkpoint Charlie monument by court order.

And get this: The monument, which consists of over 1,000 crosses adorned with the names of those murdered attempting to escape Communist East Germany for freedom, will be bulldozed on the 4th of July! (See update above, now rescheduled for July 5th because of the pressure we put on!)

The bulldozers will rev up at 4 in the morning (so as not to attract too much attention, I guess) so it will still be July 4th in America.

Found this image on a page by someone who visited Germany last winter:

I guess they just want to erase memories from before they “overcame their differences“. (via Mudville)


  1. This seems very unreasonable. Do they have a good excuse for doing this or are they just trying to cover up/ignore the past?