Headline Watch – No-Fly Nightmare

Tonight on MSNBC.com:

This would also be appropriate, no?


  1. Early feedback has been positive. What’s time-consuming is getting the fonts to look right. Which I haven’t managed yet. I need to figure out some sort of standard pracitce to follow. A graphic artist I’m not.

  2. And, as I’ve said before, I’m not singling out MSNBC.com to rip on. In fact, they’re the online biggie that I read and I find them to be better than the competition (in both directions). But their headline box is generally shameful.

  3. People, for the most part, have short memories and have a very high demand for instant gratification. Thus we are seeing a great deal of carping about the inconvience of security checks. Especially at airports. The original World Trade Center attack in 1993 was soon forgotten and 8 years later we had #2. I figure most people will be just as shocked in another 4 years when yet another ‘incident’ happens.