Expat Yank on the next Big Thing in Big Media


My personal remakes of MSNBC.com headline images has been getting positive feedback, and I hope to continue posting some on a regular basis as they are practically begging me to do so.

Meanwhile, Expat Yank notes my latest effort and has this to say:

I do believe MSNBC should seriously look into “merging” with MURDOC as a means to add the latter’s expertise to MSNBC’s, urrr, own. Having done so, MSNBC could then look to re-brand itself as, perhaps, MSNBCMURDOC. And, heck, if the MURDOC-inspired improvements were not restricted to the web, but were also added to the TV broadcasts, unlike the old MSNBC the new channel might actually even get some viewers.

First of all, when did MSNBC get a television channel? And again first of all, that would put Murdoc up against Murdoch, who is far richer but spells his name wrong. And finally, also first of all, I’m pulling in something on the order of 1500 visits a day to MO and I don’t know how I’d feel about the drop in traffic I’d certainly encounter if I joined forces with MSNBC.com. Sure, over time I’m sure I could rebuild my numbers, but Blogad sales would certainly suffer in the short term. I’ve worked long and hard to build readership, and I’m not about to throw all that out the window by allying myself with MSNBC.

NOTE: Some of the images on Expat Yank appear to be bloggered. I’ve also noticed the problem on other Blogger-based sites today. They’ll eventually fix it. Or not. As the mood strikes them.


  1. MSNBC lauched back in the late-90’s as a cable TV news/financial channel and web venture simultaneously. MSNBC limped on with poor (and declining) ratings for several years until only a couple of years ago.

  2. Haha. Yes, you’d be toe to toe with good ol’ Rupert. I don’t think he’s be anywhere near as rich if his channels didn’t feature a certain animated family who seem to be suffering from jaundice and head trauma…