Headline Watch

The original, this evening:



  1. I really like your idee to improve the headlines, Murdoc! CNN, MSNBC and most of the others should take notes.

  2. If you can airbrush out O’ Connors decision to appoint George W. Bush in 2000 as president of the United states, in photoshop, I would appreciate it. Its getting hard to talk about ‘liberal’ when the administration spends like a drunken sailor and the military might of the greatest nation in the world is being held by the balls by a bunch of towelheads in the desert under a commander in chief that can’t seem to keep from turning everything he sees into a freaking campaign stop speech. With all this focus on media presence you’d wonder that maybe things are under the control of a campaign guy up there, wouldn’t you. Wait. Maybe a campaign guy with no military background. Oh yeah. And no college education either. I will sign nobody’s loyalty oath in this fight. As soon as I see the guy that can do the job, I’m throwing it behind that one. I don’t care where he comes from or if he’s got a milk mustache. This is about as far from a supreme struggle as I can imagine. Bush did a damn fine job in Texas. Karl Rove seems to think he got elected. Lets see how far Rove thinks he can go in this appointment process. My money’s on Bush. Rove moves one foot towards Bush to tell him what he thinks… I will throw a pie in his face.