I’m not convinced this is the best title

Let It Be – Naked

A “de-produced” version of the Beatles album ‘Let It Be’ will be released in November. The Naked version of the classic will have all the voice-overs, orchestration, and other effects removed. The band never intended all that stuff to be on the album they began recording in 1969, but it was added during the chaos following the break-up by Phil Spector, who dug through all sorts of tape and assembled the existing album pretty much on his own. What had been intended to be an album called “Get Back” featuring the band getting back to it’s roots ended up being a lavishly produced, effects-laden record that he Fab Four were never very happy with. Paul McCartney says

“If we’d have had today’s technology back then, it would sound like this because this is the noise we made in the studio. It’s all exactly as it was in the room. You’re right there now.”

I understand what he’s getting at, but what’s all that about ‘if we’d have had today’s technology back then’? Isn’t the whole point of ‘pure’ sound not to add any technology beyond what’s needed to record? I’m confused. He seems to be implying that finally the tools are available to make the album sound like it was meant to. They’re just un-doing what they didn’t want done in the first place.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. The tracks “Dig It” and “Maggie Mae” are out. “Don’t Let Me Down” is in. Here’s the track list

‘Get Back’
‘Dig A Pony’
‘For You Blue’
‘The Long And Winding Road’
‘Two Of Us’
‘I’ve Got A Feeling’
‘One After 909’
‘Don’t Let Me Down’
‘I Me Mine’
‘Across The Universe’
‘Let It Be’

Also included will be a bonus CD of extra material. Street date is 11/17.