Hey kid, you think that’s oil?


Man, that ain’t oil. That’s blood.


  1. There was once a gentle, fairly conservative family here in south Georgia. They had raised, amongst their line, doctors, lawyers, architects, and olympic gold medalists. The next generation decided it wanted to go into Science. One went to Emory, to study medicine, the other to Ga. Tech, to study applied physics. Still another off to the CDC to study genetics. But when these young people returned, they found their uncles and their grandfather glued to Fox news. It was on 24 hours a day. A gentle grandmother that had grown lilies in her garden and four beautiful children into strong and courageous adults – became a parrot of the alerting instinct. She sits down at the table, and once where she spoke of Joseph Conrad, or of her experiences in WWII working at a POW camp (where they all seemed to love her – was it her blond hair and blue eyes) – the stories of periscopes of U-boats cutting the surface just offshore of Jekyll Island in the summer, on the hunt for the maritimers – or of the days of her growing up in the depression. And especially the stories of today, of the interplay of one side of the family with the other – of the constant and beautiful unfolding of an old southern family and their dealings. Now gone. I went home and she spoke about Natalee holloway. Why? I almost wanted to cry. Its not about Bias. Its about us. We are deafened and blinded by our own need to understand what happened to us. Deep inside, we know that in order to fight this thing, we have to change. And that change has to hurt. Look into yourself. When you tune into FOX news are you feeling a little bit safer? Do you feel like you’re ‘monitoring the information stream?’ Its the alerting instinct and its primal. It sends its message into your hindbrain.. watch out! here comes danger! Want Bias? How about 10 britishers standing next to 4 mujahadeen on the morning after London wins the 2012 olympics so busy with themselves that the thin bead of sweat on their brow. The nervous beady eyed look of a suicide. The faint, imperceptible smell of nervousness and plastique explosive… masked over by their need to be inside their routine. Their cocoon. Betraying their own country but not by bias. No. Its by their very need for status in a society that thinks money makes you happy. I say. Happy is one of the seven dwarfs and while you were looking at him, snow white just walked out of her glass coffin. Bias is not the answer. The answer is fundamental change. God said love thine enemy. McArthur said ‘we have met the enemy, and he is us’. I could give a rat’s ass about how the NYT wants to retract one damn NCO’s statement to the press in an editorial. I’m standing here with the world falling apart around my heels. If you could just walk away from the blogs and find a chance to take all of this dialogue out to your own neighborhood like a safety net. If there was just one place you could meet your neighbors. One place where you could be a human being again – would you do it? Or would you turn on the TV and start bitching again about how biased they are. See. You’re reading it. I’m not. It doesn’t make me ignorant anymore than a stupid towelhead detonating a 20 pound block of plastique makes himself dumb – whether he used a cellphone or strapped it around his waist – Even if this last attack wasn’t OBL the point is that they are born again hard because they don’t even check the papers anymore and if we could just once make the papers and the FOX news types and the whatevers out there believe that they don’t really own the airwaves, that the FCC is just granting to them from the public trust and that the public could really take it all back – hey look sorry if this is a long rant but the truth is – didn’t they just declare emminent domain on you when they decided not to report anymore, but to entertain and call it reporting? All I know is when you sit down and take it, well, thats where the American family is really coming apart if you ask me. We shouldn’t give a rats arse about the perv of the day or some bimbo in aruba or anything else except whats in front of our own nose, and the deeper issues – whats life, how should we glorify god – and where the hell are the sleeper cells here coz baby if you think we got em all you got another think comin

  2. I wonder if one of those 4 Arab/Brit terrorists which the British government requested be released and returned to England from Gitmo had anything to do with the bombing? That would be (sadly) poetic justice! I send my sympathy to the injured and bereaved Coalition partners along with a quote from one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century: ‘You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life!’- Winston Churchill

  3. KTLA: I’m not so sure that’s a ‘copy n’ paste comment’. He often has stuff like that. But I think it might be original. Sorta’ weird, really.

  4. Regarding the ‘Oil’ photo. The good news, if there is such a thing here, is that most of that mess is probably the suicide bomber. According to some of the reports, there were only two bus fatalities, so the bomber was probably one of them…..

  5. You don’t have the larger version of the picture do you? Cause it was in ‘The Sun’ newspaper here in Scotland, it has a massive splat of blood on the top left corner, even further emphasising the bloodshed.