Wretchard of Belmont Club is anonymous no more. (via Malkin)

His bona fides are far more impressive than mine. I’m just this guy, you know? And although I’ve considered shedding my nom de net in the past, I have no military rank, degree, or job title that would enhance my writing, could it be tied to a legitimate name.

On the other hand, I have an article in a trade magazine coming out at the end of this month about everyone’s favorite plastic-looking assault rifle, and it’s going to be published under the byline of “Shelby Murdoc”. “Shelby” is my real first name, though I’d appreciate it if everyone just kept calling me “Murdoc” on the site.

(And, yes, I’m quite aware that most folks named ‘Shelby’ are of the fairer sex. Rest assured that I am most certainly male and I intend to stay that way. I happen to like my name very much, thank-you. And, as you can tell by how I’m railing on about it, I’m not self-conscious about its generally-feminine association in the slightest. Really. I’m going to go out and shoot something in just a minute. Then work on the car or chop down a tree or something.)

I was going to make this earth-shaking revelation when the magazine came out, but why wait? No one really cares anyway.


  1. I’ve really enjoyed your writing and am looking forward to reading your article on the plastic rifle. Will you be posting it here, or will you give us the name of the publication? Even though you have no ‘rank or title’ your writing is very informative and entertaining and I see it making little difference that your name is Shelby.. Or that you’re gay.

  2. Oh, and the article is in a trade magazine that I think is only available to weapons retailers, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to repost it here or not. I’ll certainly point it out and post it if I can once it’s published. It’s nothing particularly deep and it contains no ground-breaking info, just an overview and a bit of history and discussion on the program geared more toward those that are unfamiliar with it. But hey, it’s a paying gig and I included some good stuff on the 5.56 vs. 6.8 vs. 7.62 debate.

  3. Seriously, congrats on getting published. I’ve read pretty much everything you’ve written about the XM-8 on your blog, so I imagine this is just distilling it down and putting it in on place. Keep up the good work. PS. I really enjoy the Stryker updates as well.

  4. I had never heard of ‘Shelby’ being a girls name at all. Looking it up reaveals that it is however a unisex name. gratz on article.