Tipped off in a comment on an earlier post, I found this photo at of the sinking of the old lady:


Although no doubt very sad for AMERICA vets, I’ve got to think going down as a test “target” is a better fate than the breakers. Future carriers will incorporate things learned from sinking the AMERICA, and that means that American sailors will probably survive accidents or attacks thanks to the sacrifice of the ship.

From that site I also discovered a website dedicated to getting the next carrier named USS AMERICA. I had floated the idea in my first post about the impending doom of CV-66, and am glad to see that others think likewise. Go check them out and keep an eye on them. For my part, I’m going to see what MO can do to help them out.


  1. It sounds like she was basically scuttled. I can see how setting some charges and blowing them up, then observing what happens, could result in some useful information. However, wouldn’t it have been much more informative to acquire some Russian, Chinese, French, etc. anti-ship missiles and fire them off with some old aircraft on the deck and see what happens? It seems to me that would provide much richer feedback. If the ship is still floating, one could then start hitting it with torpedos, bombs, etc. – see just how much punishment it can take and what hitting it where does. That’s what I’d be doing with any useless ships, aircraft, tanks, etc. Can’t beat research on the real deal?

  2. You want to see something that’ll make you scream look up all the ships that were disposed of/stricken/scrapped during the Clinton years. Sad sad sad; even ships built in the 70’s!

  3. In reference to the Clinton era remark.The military has never been in such bad shape in its history.The amount of money being poored into that hole not to mention lives being lost would fund every branch of the service and still have money left over for Social Security.Very glad I got out prior to Bush taking over the nut house.

  4. I’m very happy that the old Midway was spared America’s fate but I wish America had all her anti-aircraft defenses still on board so they could have a full service test of our carrier’s capabilities for self defense. I hear America stood up well though and sank hard. good for her.

  5. USS AMERICA CVA-66 as it was known to me 74-77 I was a storekeeper onboard. A magnificent ship. Truely a ship proud to be USS AMERICA CVA-66. I sure hope they have another Aircraft Carrier named USS AMERICA CVN-? what ever number she is. Though they will be another, there is only one USS AMERICA CVA-66. May she rest is peace.