Wait for what?

Bush will wait before setting goals for NASA

That NASA is an agency without a vision is clear. And, in all fairness, it’s hard to expect too much vision with their budget.

But something has to be done. Either NASA has to change, someone has to change NASA, or NASA has to get the axe.

One thing I don’t think we need is yet another focus group coming up with ideas, but that’s what we’ve got, I guess.

Saying “the more we explore, the better off America is,” President Bush said Tuesday that he was not yet prepared to outline a specific vision for NASA’s future or what space exploration should entail.

Instead, Bush said in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel and reporters for 11 other newspapers, he will wait for recommendations from a panel of advisers before outlining a vision for America’s space program.

“We’ve got an interagency study going on now that will enlighten us as to the best recommendations necessary for NASA to proceed in a way that is a good use of taxpayer dollars,” Bush said, adding that he has not decided whether the study’s goals should include manned exploration of other planets and beyond.

As John Pike at Global Security says,

“Well, it’s not John Kennedy.”

We either need to get an official outline of our plans in space on the table and commit to them, or we need to get out of the space exploration business. I realize that there is only so much money to go around, and that sending men to Mars won’t help us win the Fourth World War, but the stagnation that occurred over the past three decades is not acceptable.

There’s already a recommendation out there. Maybe it’s not right, but why keep reinventing the wheel? Take what we’ve got, modify it as needed, and decide if it’s worth it or not. These committees will never get anyone anywhere.