Pictures of the Bahraini candlelight vigil at the British embassy

bahrainvigilsm.jpgIn the extended entry of Pictures from London I’ve posted some of the pictures from Bahrain in case they are disappeared at some point. I encourage you to check them out and especially to visit Chan’ad Bahraini, the Bahraini blog which posted them (and many more). I’ll post a small one at right as a preview.

If/When we see hundreds of thousands doing this, we’ll have a weapon to win the War on Terror. Until that time, we’re really only fighting a holding action.

This vigil may have been small and localized, but that’s how big things start. We need to see more of this. When we do see it, we need to make sure people know about it. The anti-American demonstrations always get top billing. Let’s see if we can’t register on the radar with some of this noise.

UPDATE: And I wouldn’t dream of pointing out how this blogger with a digital camera is showing up Legacy Media.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about this show of solidarity tomorrow morning on CNN and in the New York Times.

UPDATE 2: I had called it the “London embassy”. I fixed my title.

UPDATE 3: One last thing to mention is that we don’t know for sure that these were Muslim terrorists. Given recent history and the dubious claim for responsibility by the “Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe”, I’d say it’s fair to consider Islamic jihadists or those with ties to them to be the odds-on favorite, but we don’t know that for a fact. As an American, I need to remember that attack could have more in common with Oklahoma City than with 9/11.

That doesn’t change the fact that we need to see more protest against terrorism on the streets of the world and that it’s refreshing to see a few Muslims, at least, speaking out against warfare by terror.

UPDATE 4: Speaking of demonstrations, get a load of these guys.


  1. hi murdoc, thanks for spreading the word about the vigil before i even got a chance to do it. feel free to make use the photos because it is important that the message of the vigil reaches the people it was directed to. as you’ve said it wasn’t the biggest gathering ever, but not bad considering it was on a weekday with only a day’s notice. moreover it should be noted that the participants of yesterday’s vigil weren’t some fringe element of Bahrainis or Muslims… they represent the very mainstream of the population. so i think what we saw yesterday was very significant, and i hope the photos might encourage other muslims around the world to do something similar.