“Nobody wants to be out of the fight”

Platoon takes advantage of brief stint in Kandahar

Some troops in Afghanistan are being rotated into the city as a Quick Reaction Force:

The 3rd Platoon from Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 173rd Airborne Brigade is serving as the Regional Command South quick reaction force, ready within 15 minutes to fly and join other soldiers in a heavy firefight, provide security for a downed aircraft, or even attempt to capture a “high-value” enemy target.

Soldiers from the Vicenza, Italy-based “Battle” company are in the third week of their monthlong QRF duty.

The duty is rotated between units and not only provides forces with a little extra firepower when needed, but also allows the soldiers a little extra time off.

Soldiers have a chance to relax a bit and get some practice and physical training they might not have time for in the field. Though they no doubt like the beds, showers, air conditioning, and hot meal, soldiers on QRF rotation also don’t want to miss out on what the rest of their unit is up to.

Also in Afghanistan, the body of the missing SEAL has been recovered. Despite claims to the contrary, he appears to have been killed during combat on June 28th.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi might have been wrong. There’s a shocker.