Do they want us out or do they maybe just want to charge rent?

New Kyrgyzstan leader questions U.S. bases


BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan – This country’s newly elected president on Monday questioned the continued presence of U.S. troops at a military base they have used since the war to oust the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s comments were in line with those of other former Soviet Central Asian countries that last week called for U.S. troops to fix a date for their departure from their bases.

I wonder if this is truly a call for us to pull out, or if perhaps it’s just setting the stage for a deal tying use of the airbase to aid or cash.

If they truly want us out, it’s going to put us in a bit of a tough spot. If they’d rather we stay but pay, I think that’s a fair arrangement.