And this will help how?

U.S. sanctions Moscow-owned firm for Iran sales

We’ve busted one of them. And we’re showing them we mean business.

The State Department has imposed economic sanctions on a Russian government-owned company for selling advanced weapons to Iran, a country designated as a state sponsor of international terrorism.


As part of the sanctions, the administration waived provisions of U.S. law that would have blocked all U.S. aid to Russia, noting that the assistance is “important to the national interests of the United States.”
U.S. law prohibits providing any assistance to nations that sell lethal military goods to terrorist sponsors. The law also allows the ban to be waived.

So we’re not actually doing anything then, are we?

I realize that it might not be in our best interest to totally cut Russia off, but NOTHING? We’re going to sanction a single Russian company? What were we buying, or going to buy from them in the next year? Some of those AK-47s, maybe? What a joke. Here’s another write up.

This is quite a message we’re sending.

This is the same company that we thought shipped Kornet anti-tank missiles to Iraq via Syria earlier. Despite reports at the time that Kornets scored some kills against M1s, I’m not sure that we ever actually found any in Iraq. (Am I totally wrong about that? Help me out.) (And thanks to a reader who e-mailed me the link.)