UPDATE: Bahraini candlelight vigil at the British embassy

Jordanians hold vigil over attacks

Via Mental Mayhem:

Sixty Jordanians held a vigil outside the British Embassy in Jordan’s capital, Amman, to protest at the London terror attacks and express solidarity with the British people.

The one-hour vigil was organised by two Jordanians, Mohammed al-Masri and Faris Breizat, who invited friends and others by email and mobile messages to join the candlelit silent protest.

While it would be nice to see six thousand instead of sixty, I recognize the fact that people who take part in such demonstrations in such places have things to worry about that people in America, no matter how oppressed they think they are, don’t concern themselves with.

It’s nice to see that there are a few Muslims who are willing to publicly make a statement. Until there are more that do so, and until the leadership gets vocal, headway is going to be hard to get.

Also, Frank Warner picked up on my earlier posts and pointed out:

And consider this report that Al-Sharq Al Awsat, a major Arab newspaper based in London, has blasted Muslims in England for donating money to terrorist causes.

(More here.)

I’m not really sure why this isn’t getting more attention. Isn’t this what we want to see?