Pics of Jordanian vigil at British Embassy

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Chan’ad Bahraini notes that some pics from the candleight vigil outside the British embassy in Amman are available on Yahoo!. Here are a couple of them:



I’m not really sure why more isn’t being made out of this. Sure, the demonstrations are more of a “sympathy vigil” than the “anti-terror protests” we need to be seeing. But how about a little positive reinforcement, here? How about holding these folks up as examples of what many non-Muslims are looking for?

I think this is big news.

UPDATE: I can’t really put into words how discouraged I am by the total lack of attention this is getting. Sure, I’m getting a bit idealistic and all. But isn’t this exactly what we are asking for? Why doesn’t anyone seem to care?

The lack of interest has been noted by CaptainNormal:

I suspect that there is a lot more of this sentiment in the Arab world that we Americans realize.

The conservative-owned mainstream media isn’t interested in showcasing this—they’re committed to the “if it bleed, it leads” mentality that has proven so profitable in the last few years. In addition, most news outlets are afraid of contradicting the Bush regime.

The Bush regime, of course, is too invested in keeping Americans fearful and hate-filled, to avoid any messy questions as they continue the for-profit occupation of the Mideast.

Now, that first paragraph I can agree with. To an extent. I’d like to see a bit of proof about the existence of this “sentiment”, but vigils like the ones in Jordan and Bahrain are a start.

But then the post degenerates into “Conservative Bias in the Media” and they lose me. I’ll agree with “Conservative bias on Fox News and in the Washington Times”, but there’s a lot more media out there, last time I looked.

Never mind that the mere concept of pro-war Righties hiding this sort of thing boggles the mind.

If the Fox Newses of the world aren’t going to show Muslims protesting violence, why isn’t CNN or CBS or the BBC? Al Jazeera? Daily Kos or DU?

And CaptainNormal appears in the comments at Tempus Fugit:

The conservative-owned mainstream media doesn’t think it makes for gripping televison, and the Bush regime doesn’t have enough Arabic translators (they keep firing the gay ones).

Here’s one last site that’s posted on the Bahraini vigil: Subzero Blue.

UPDATE 2: A couple more blogs posting on this:

The Warrior Class Blog

Americans need a sense of progress. They will only get it if the President sets out milestones and make predictions (like predictions of these type of protests) and the American people see them coming true. It is not enough to prove the opposition wrong about all the bad things that haven’t happened, American must feel good about the good things that are happening. This is both a media war and a war within Muslim society.

And KillRighty

This is the kind of encouraging behavior that would be refreshing to see in Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. All Muslims should stand up and denounce terrorism as these courageous people are. God bless them.

I’d add “America” to the list of countries it would be refreshing to see this sort of behavior in. Really. Really really.


  1. Is there somewhere we can leave a message to thank these people for what they are doing?

  2. I disagree. The best moment came when the American capital markets completely shrugged off the entire event. Know what I’d like to see? The terrorists rip a bomb through down town wherever and the entire country just completely ignore them. Yes, 50 people died. But everyone got back to work the next day, and the terrorists didn’t win. If they were lighting candles and crying like those idiots in the natalee holloway thing we’d still be wondering what to do. Oh yeah. And also. Catch the mothers that did this. Ah. Folks. That means we don’t mobilize the freaking army to do a big march anywhere… it means we hunt the damn towelheads down that actually did it…. I dare you to disagree with this.

  3. Murdoc, Here’s where the (so-called liberal) NPR sees eye-to-eye with you. At least in NYC, we’ve had a lot of coverage of the Amman vigil and of moderate Muslim reaction (from around the world) against the terrorist attack. (Didn’t hear about the Bahrain one on the radio, though.) However, they did note that few other media organizations were picking up on the story. /WNYC NPR plug/ — Brian Lehrer (mid-morning call-in show – NYC only) has excellent coverage of current events. He tries _very_ hard to have guests who come from both conservative and liberal sides of an issue, and tries not to let either one get away with the pat bullshit responses that partisans (of both sides) often give. Chuck