New greener ACU in Iraq

Look closely at this picture:


If you take your time and look carefully, you may notice that there is actually a soldier in this picture in addition to the Bradley. He’s on the left, kneeling on the bridge over the canal. If you still don’t see him, check out They’ve got a far larger version of the picture.

It’s amazing what modern digital camoflage can do, isn’t it?

(For the record, I don’t have any idea whether the new camo is any better or worse than what we used previously and I’m not taking sides in the debate.)

UPDATE: Yes, I’m joking. I’m not sure if this post is mocking the new ACUs or the people who are all up in arms about the new ACUs because you aren’t invisible when you wear them. I think I’m pretty much mocking everyone. (I’m not a “mod”. I’m not a “rocker”…)

As Chad points out in the comments, camo won’t hide you up close or out in the open.

But I’ll bet you can’t see that convoy of Strykers with the new nanotech camo in front of the Bradley. Or the USS ELDRIDGE anchored in the canal.


  1. Murdoc, The new camo is not real good at the closer ranges. Neither was the ‘old BDU’. I’m in a pair of them right now, and I can tell you that it’s no better at that kind of range. If he were down in the weeds, and 25 yds further away, totally different story. He’s also silhouetted with no vertical cover to blend into. Makes anyone wearing anything pretty obvious. When I get a set of ACUs I’ll take some comparison pics for you, then we can have an objective debate on the properties of both styles. We’re not scheduled to get them until 2007, so it’ll be awhile. (reservists in the upper midwest are always last to get the good stuff, maybe we need to complain more like the guys from the coasts)

  2. The type of country in the photo is almost impossible to match with camouflage in daylight. I will be interested to see how well the new stuff works at night and in other terrain types such as forest.

  3. If it was a gilly suit, he would on his way to heat stroke! Any decent cammo makes you close in invisible to the naked at eye at night if you know how to use cover and remain still. I used to have a bridle dog that was impossible to see at night. In woodland areas, you can hide pretty well even during the day if you are good – I’ve had people come close to stepping on me without knowing I was there.

  4. During a training exercise back in ROTC (20+ years ago), I actually fell asleep while being OPFOR manning an MG waiting for the damn caddiots to move up. Woke up as they were nearly stepping on me moving past. They never saw me. Very funny stuff