The ‘T’ word

Last week I noticed the lack of a certain word in an article about a group claiming responsibility for the 7/7 bombings.

Well, the BBC feels so strongly about the word ‘terrorist’ that they’ve gone back and removed it from previously-posted articles.

Pardon me if I think this is reprehensible.

Writing about this:
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I’ll add more…


  1. I find this vile. It’s as bad as FOX News and their ‘homicide bombings’. In fact, it’s worse, though not quite as mockably stupid.

  2. Although no fan at all of the ‘homicide bomber’ tag, I think this is something much different and far worse. ‘Homicide bomber’ isn’t a politically-correct, neutral term for a suicide bomber terrorist. The terms the BBC generally uses are just that. And what makes it worse than just not calling them ‘terrorists’ is the fact that they went back after the fact and *altered* what they had written. And it’s the blogs that aren’t held to any standards or professional ethics.

  3. Q: Why would anyone want to blow up bombs in trains and busses? A: To cause terror amongst the population. Now, you can call these people bombers, thugs, whatever. But that doesn’t alter the fact that they are committing terrorism. There is no other explanation for what they did. Removing the word terrorist from articles about them is a lie.