Shooting it up with Random Nuclear Strikes

(No, that’s not a new Bush administration foreign policy…)

e-Postal Match Announcement

Analog Kid at Random Nuclear Strikes and Mr. Completely are putting together a friendly weekly shooting competition for bloggers, blog readers, and their cousins.

Basically, you download the target from the weekly post, take it to your local range, shoot it full of holes, and send a scan back to Postal Match HQ for scoring. No prizes at this time, and everyone’s on the honor system.

This seems like a fun way to interact with the gun nuts across the ‘sphere and could serve as a convenient excuse to get out to the range a bit more.

I’m going to be helping get the word out, as MO attracts a fair share of the aforementioned nuts, but I’m not involved with it so I can’t really answer any question.

If interested, go read the intro page and then this week’s competition post. It’s for carbines:

Barrels must be 20 inches or less in length. If you need to substitute due to lack of a carbine, email me.

Rimfire carbines may be substituted, but you will have to double up and put 20 shots into the target as your hits will be scored at half value.

Semi-Auto, pump action, lever action, bolt action, single shot are all allowed. Your type of rifle does not matter as you are not being timed. 10 rounds as fast as you can safely load, aim and fire.

Not every range will let you load multiple rounds in the magazine. This does not matter either. 10 rounds as fast as you can safely load, aim and fire.

Not every range will let you stand and shoot, insisting that you only shoot from a bench. That is OK. Sit at the bench, but do not support your upper body while shooting

Non-magnifying optics are allowed. This includes red-dot sights and holographic sights because some folks need them.

UPDATE VARIATIONSFrom questions I have gotten via e-mail:

Pistol caliber carbines are allowed

You may only submit one target per firearm, but you may submit targets from multiple firearms.

I would prefer if you only shoot and submit one target and not shoot a bunch of targets, submitting your best one. You may practice as much as you like on other targets, but please try to keep it to one Postal Match target.

Sounds like fun. Help them get the word out, and if you’re personally interested why not go shoot some stuff up for the fun of it?


  1. Thanks for the mention of the e-Postal match series. Hope you can get out to the range and toss in an entry or so too! There’s a post on Mr. Completely about the Sea Fighter and the Nichol’s Brother’s Boat Builders who built it, that you might find interesting, as you’ve been following the Sea Fighter’s progress……