SEA FIGHTER’s creators

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a fan of the SEA FIGHTER, the prototype LCS built as a test bed but recently adopted as a class unto itself.

Mr. Comletely has a post on the SEA FIGHTER’s creators, Nichols Bros. Boat Builders:

I’ve gotta admit that seeing the pictures of the Navy’s new Sea Fighter catamaran makes me kinda proud, since it was built right here on Whidbey island in Western Washington state, by Nichol’s Brothers boat builders. Around here it’s called the “boat yard”, or just “Nichol’s”.

Back when I was in High school (just after Noah docked the ark!), I got to know the “Nichol’s Boys” pretty well. Frank, the the head of the clan, brought his wife and kids (eleven brothers and sisters) to Whidbey island in the early sixties, as I remember.

Very cool. Go check it out. And get me a pass for a ride on that baby.