Would you like a side of Freedom Bread with that?

Pizza with a Sprinkling of Nuts

Pennywit at Wizbang notes a Dutch pizza shop owner who is going to jail for refusing to serve German and French customers because their nations didn’t support the invasion of Iraq. Michelle Malkin notes the story as well and suggests we consider him a hero and buy CafeShops stuff supporting him.

Sorry. Though I agree with the guy’s sentiment what he did doesn’t help our cause.

I commented:

How about if, instead, this guy decorates his place with American flags and pictures of Bush and US Marines? He answers the phone “Bob’s Danish Pizza, where we support America and George Bush”. Each pizza comes with a little plastic American Flag stuck in it.

That would be a better way to vocally show your support, and when French or German customers complain, tell them to eat somewhere else.

That way you make your point loudly and retain the high ground.

Just my opinion. And, as the tagline says, you’re all entitled to it.