British officer commanding US Marines

The major from Swindon leading US marines in Iraq

In the Telegraph:

An officer from the Royal Marines has been put in charge of American troops to make use of the counter-insurgency expertise Britain gained in Northern Ireland.

Major Richard Maltby, 34, is seconded to the Second Marine Regiment, deployed in the troubled province of Anbar in western Iraq. He is the first foreign officer to be responsible for US combat troops in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

This month an operation was launched in the city of Hit, which had been effectively controlled by insurgents since November. As more than 1,000 US marines conducted house-to-house searches, Major Maltby, from Swindon, led 408 men in a sweep of the Euphrates valley to the east.

I wonder what Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children think of that. Seems to me that, as long as he’s a competent officer, they’d be fine with a Brit. I can’t find any other online references to this story.


  1. My guess – the Marines are just fine with it. The USMC and British Royal Marines are truly brothers. We feel closer to them than we do our own Army and would rather have a Royal Marine than an U.S. Army officer in charge.

  2. I agree… US Marines don’t have a problem with Royal Marines… When I was in Officer Candidate School, the PT instructor was a Royal Marine and am told that Royal Marine OCS has a US Marine PT instructor…

  3. Glad to hear that is the case, when I was in the royal marines the leathernecks I met were not always ‘easy to get on with’ and my Dad who was also in the corps served in our problems in Borneo whilst you lads were fininshing off in Vietnam, he said that US marines picking fights were rife.