Nice to see, but why did they wait a week and a half?

U.K. Sunnis condemn London suicide attacks

When large numbers of Muslims and their leaders begin denouncing terrorism, we will probably have to question their veracity. But right now they don’t even seem to want us to think they condemn such things, whether they really do or not.

After bombings, Muslim leadership is all over the place demanding that there be no backlash against Muslims. It would be nice to see them expend a bit of energy demanding that Muslim terrorists stop terrorizing.

That being said, I am, in fact, glad to see this and hope that it is a sign that they’re sick of Muslims being bad guys and sick of the non-Muslims wondering if most Muslims support the bad guys or not.

Also, the story includes this pic of all four bombers boarding a train:


UPDATE: As is obvious from the photo, they aren’t actually boarding a train. They’re entering the Luton rail station. Pardon my error.

UPDATE 2: Jay Tea at Wizbang has a good idea.


  1. As you know…I work in the mid east. I’ve heard some condemnation of bombings and bombers, by the Arabs/Muslims I associate with. Usually though, they carry on about ‘Israeli state sponsored terrorism’ and US policy in the mid east. That’s a result (in my observation) of a tendancy to not take ownership of problems, shrug the shoulders when faced with difficulty and say ‘what do you expecct me/us to do’. Factor in a social structure that is paternalistic, tribalistic, and leans towards authortarianism, and the natural human tendancy to blame others for ones problems and you get the attitudes you describe in your post. That’s gradually changing as Arabs/Muslims have increasing contact with westerners (who aren’t shooting or bombing them), western political concepts, and western culture in general (though that’s an obvious sore spot with radical Muslims and nationalistic Arab elements).

  2. It does get a bit tricky when not only are one’s response to an event criticized, but also the timing of that response, doesn’t it?