Hunter UAVs to be deployed in Korea

U.S. to deploy upgraded spy planes

All the better to watch you with, my dear:

The United States Forces Korea (USFK) will deploy a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial system in South Korea as part of efforts to upgrade its air surveillance and reconnaissance capability on North Korea, a senior U.S. military officer said.

Brig. Gen. Joseph Martz, assistant division commander of the 2nd Infantry Division, said over the weekend that the USFK will position the “Hunter” Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to replace the “Shadow 200 Tactical UAVs,” a local daily reported.

The Hunter is a joint tactical unmanned aerial system in service with the U.S. Army. Since March 2003, the U.S. spy planes, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, have flown more than 600 reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition missions, USFK officials said.

The article also notes that South Korea has requested an opportunity to purchase Global Hawk UAVs as part of its effort to achieve its own “self-reliant” defense capability.

In related news, Hillary Clinton notes the tensions on the penninsula:

“The North Koreans have the ability to arm a missile with a nuclear device that can reach the United States,” she said. “Put simply, they couldn’t do that when George Bush became president and now they can.”

That almost makes it sound like its Bush’s fault for things he’s done since he became president and not (at least mostly) due to things the previous president did during the six years before Bush became president. Who’s that guy married to, again?


  1. Simple thoughts from simple minds. She actually thinks that is as much detail as it takes to understand how things got as they are.

  2. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to know how and when the North Koreans gained the capability of delivering nukes to the US before deciding who is at fault? I’m just saying…

  3. MP: You’re exactly right, but in all likelyhood, it’s narrowed down to one or two presidents back, depending on how slow they’ve been on these programs. You seem to have put far, far more thought into your little statement than did Ms. Clinton. I’d hate to think that someone who saw the world in such simple terms was my senator!

  4. Come on now, that is a quote snippet with no context and we can’t assume it is the whole of her thinking on the matter. Okay, we could make an assumption, but that would be all it is. I realize this is an opinion site and not a news site, but there are many quotes that you don’t use that could make people appear to be unsophisticated thinkers. And we don’t want to infer motives based on who someone accosiates with, do we? Then again, we don’t know that Hillary really ‘associates’ with Bill…

  5. North Korea most likely has a missile that is capable of reaching the US. Now, the real question is do they have a warhead, capabile of being mounted on their missile, can the missile has sufficent accuracy to hit a US city. Then, is the warhead hardened enough to withstand the shock of launch & reentry without detonating. Personally, I doubt the north koreans could can do it. It took the US about 20 years with a much larger resource and tech base to create a missile warhead combo that could hit a city. (and that is with extensive testing) With North Korea, its launch a pray. That said, I doubt that any president could prevent the North Koreans from trying to get nukes. Our best bet, is to infultrate Pakistan and provide them with a warhead design that is vulnerable to EM effects from reentry so that the warhead will fail to explode if expossed to reentry. (A condition that North Korea, is not going to able to realistically test for. )

  6. nifty thought James! and as suggested, ‘blame’ should first go to NK for developing nukes, and then lying about not developing them (and getting caught at it), and for using them to blackmail everyone around them. In the unlikely event Mr. Clinton were to be CiC again, I doubt he would repeat this mistake of misplaced good faith with NK (or Arafat…moot I know). With Mz. Clinton, assuming the snippet is in context, I would just call it a ‘just another day in D.C.’ sort of subtle snipe …worthy of the court of Louis XIV…maybe.

  7. It would be real hard of Bill Clinton to become president. See the 20th amendment. The only way BC could become president, is if he could somehow become president without being elected. Then again BC is currently going for Secretary General.

  8. I just hope that the UAV has a good self destruct mechanism, cause it sounds like they could gain a lot of technology if they got hold of this UAV. Anyone know anything on such mechanisms? any websites?

  9. You could put a self destruct mechanism on a hunter, but I doubt that its worth it. As bleeding edge tech goes, the hunter is not it. Now if you are talking a Global Hawk or X45-C then you might have an issue. In actual operations, I doubt that it would enter north korea’s air space. Getting shot down, would pretty much toast what it carries. If the UAV was captured intact, the North Koreans do not have the tech base to exploit the find. That said, you can look up in the NASA websites to get info on their self destruct mechanisms that they use to destroy errant rockets.

  10. Consider the source, ‘Cochair of the Self Serving I Only Mean It For As Long As It Takes Me to Say It Committe’. And…….a Life Member of the ‘One Should Never Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Story of the Month Club’.

  11. The info on the C-RAM is way off, and being a Soldier involved in all aspects of it, I am glad everyone online is so far off.