UPDATE: Friday Linkzookery 07/22/2005 (Special Saturday Edition)

We’ve had guest from out of state during the past week, which is my excuse for the lousy posting. They’re on their way home now, so I’ll be able to get back to regular writing. And sleeping.

Here’s some more linkzookery:

Welcome to Poseidon Undersea Resorts

U.S. Submarines: Luxury Subs

Liberal Internet Activists Suggest Investigating Nominee’s Toddler

Elaborate Tunnel Revealed Beneath U.S./Canada Border

Birds imitate mobile phone ring tones

Japan Licensed to Produce Patriot PAC-3s

N. Korea defector seeks help from Bush

Pentagon Taking Steps to Avert Ammunition Crisis

Ramstein planes, Airmen depart for Darfur mission

Network-centric warfare takes flight

Lockheed Martin gets BAE projectile bid (LRLAP)

Fighting the insurgency at the Jersey Shore

For 152nd, it’s heat, sand, Burger King

Technology to Watch – Electronic Paper!

U.S. Marines Extend Westpac Express TSV Ship Charter

Pentagon report says Iraqi Forces are not yet able to defend country

Northrop Grumman Opens Integration Lab to Test and Refine Its Fire Scout UAV for the U.S. Army

Michael Moore announces films for Traverse City festival

Moore’s film festival gets GOP competition