Headline Watched

Tonight on MSNBC:

But while looking into this incident let’s not forget what made the trigger fingers a bit itchy.

Murdoc’s headline:

The press will continue to go back and forth between “why didn’t the government do more to stop them?” and “why is the government doing so much to stop them” for the rest of our lives. Get used to it.


  1. While I would agree with you on the fact that backlash against muslims may not be as bad as expected. But, your title would in fact suggest that there has been no backlash whatsoever, and while US media may not know, there has indeed been backlash. Very shortly after the bombings, someone already petrol bombed a mosque. There are very very few incidents, but just so you dont dig yourself a ditch. (as you probably know I am not very pro Muslim anyway, so I hope you dont get the wrong end of the stick with this post).

  2. Yes, there have been a few isolated incidents that I’m aware of over the past few years. And it’s certainly possible that there has been more ‘backlash’ than I’m aware of in the UK. It just seems to me that there’s ten (a hundred? a thousand?) times as much effort by Muslims and Muslim leaders to demand that there be no backlash as there is effort to denounce and/or stop attacks by Muslims. There shouldn’t be widspread backlash, and there hasn’t been. And people are right to call for restraint against those that would lash back. But why not a little more effort (even pretense at effort) on the part of Muslims to show that they don’t condone terrorism? That was my point, though I didn’t do a very good job of making it.