Talk about deja vu all over again

Read this post I wrote last year on this date. Egyptian diplomats kidnapped. Citizens of other nations kidnapped. Darth Sadr criticizing terrorism.

The more things change…

Here’s a quote:

Militants from the previously-unknown group Lion of God Brigades took an Egyptian diplomat hostage in response to offers from Egypt to help Iraq with security.

First of all, please note that the Egyptian offer probably doesn’t involve sending heathen Westerners to holy Arab lands, which is what all the outrage on the “Arab street” is supposedly about. Not only would Egyptian troops not desecrate holy cities and the like in the way that American troops do, but Egypt doesn’t even want to send troops or military forces at all.

It’s not the mere presense of infidels, my friends. It’s resistance to the end of the Middle Ages.

Also noted is the bizarre case of the seven hostages held by the Black Banners:

But other militants, who call themselves the Black Banners, are making new demands for the hostages they are holding: three Indians, three Kenyans and an Egyptian.

A masked member stood in front of the hostages and read a statement demanding the truck drivers’ employer, the Kuwait and Gulf Transportation Company (KGL), pay the families of those killed in clashes with U.S. forces in Fallujah, and that all Iraqi prisoners held in American prisons be released within 48 hours.

The hostage-takers originally demanded the men’s employers or native countries pull their personnel from Iraq or one hostage would be beheaded every 72 hours beginning Saturday.

Copycatting the militants that hit the jackpot by kidnapping a Filipino truck driver, these confused guys are struggling to save face at this point.

Egypt, Kenya, and India have a total of ZERO troops in Iraq.

Just to be safe, however,

In response to the kidnapping, the government of Kenya asked its citizens to leave Iraq, a government spokesman said.

Next time, Kenya, submit a request in writing to all terrorist groups everywhere before allowing any of your citizens beyond your borders.


  1. Note that if you asked what the people of the IRA (in Ireland) were fighting for, they had several different answers: due to faith differences (protestant vs. catholic), they hate the english people, etc. I think the same has occured to the terrorists/jihadists, as I really think they are all fighting for different reasons. This is good for us as it means they cannot really focus their energy, and generally send mixed messages to the world listing them as very confused people simply bent on destruction. Though, it could be true. I really think that these people actually forget how large the world is, and how dependant the western countries are upon each other. And that it is very different from invading their neighbouring ‘Middle Aged’ country. I think that if we let them have their way, they would kill everyone apart from themselves, and then they would probably end up killing themselves off too. Crazy fools that they are.