Pot, meet kettle

Bush won’t release all Roberts documents

Here’s a gem:

But some Democrats, including Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, have urged the White House to release such documents “in their entirety.”

That’s rich.

UPDATE: Scrappleface: Bush to Give Kerry Swift Boatload of Nominee Info


  1. The dems have really fallen in love with this tactic. ‘WHAT? You won’t release all the documents, including the ones with ICBM launch codes?? COVERUP!’

  2. 00000000 oops how did I know dat! 😀 Are secrets worth anything if they are stupid secrets? irregardless, as much as I don’t care for the Bush administration (and the keeping of secrets from the voters [he’s not evil nor stupid imo; I just don’t like corporate friends]) it does make sense strategically to gaurd well such tidbits. For example, Rove wouldn’t be in the kettle he’s in if he had not as loose a tongue that he apparantly has; the problem with politicians is that they -need- to be in the limelight, which is directly in conflict with keeping your mouth shut. (not picking on Rove, just an example)

  3. yo supp murdoc!! u saitnest dude?? cool u know wat?? i am 2 dude so hope we c eachother dude peace out!!”ROCK ON GORILLAZ!!!”