Buffalo at work


The mine clearing arm of a Buffalo prepares to dig for mines according to the caption:

A mine protection clearance vehicle (MPCV) called ‘Buffalo’ stretches out its automatic arm to dig in the soil to look for possible explosive devices on the road leading from Tikrit to Mosul in 2004

Given where the photographer must be standing to take this picture, I’m thinking the Buffalo is going to dig somewhere else. Or the photographer is a moron.


  1. Well, if they’re anti-tank mines, a photographer probably won’t set them off, but the digging might. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would stand in a potential minefield even so, it’s probably just a posed photo and the minefield is elsewhere as you pointed out.

  2. Nicholas: You’re right about being safe from anti-tank mines, though I’d REALLY need that picture to wander out into an anti-tank minefield. Problem is, though, that the stuff the Buffalo is usually digging up usually isn’t anti-tank mines but remote controlled IEDs. For all the photographer knows, there’s some kid hiding behind a rock with a button just waiting to make it go boom. If this were really a potential IED site, which I doubt.