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Got an email from Jordan in Poland today noting his photo site. He mentioned that recently a blogger in New York wrote him back:

“…you’ve got some interesting work for now but i decided not to link to you because your photography doesn’t quite match my interests and i am a little rejected by the link to the “blood of the heros” since my opinion is different….”

And Jordan wrote

Well., I am sad that he rejected my request for printing the link only because I am justifying the American fight for the freedom.

I am not american and I am justifying the fight against the terror.
He is american and and he isn’t justifying this fight.

Blood of Heroes is here.

You all know I’m a bit of a Poland fan. And the guy has some great pics. So check it out if interested.

For all I know, Jordan here is spamming every blogger he can with requests for a link. Well, he gets one from me.


  1. Don’t metion Poland, I get mad. I just read that the US in appericiation to Australia support in Iraq has given that country 11,000 visas a year for its citizens to come to America. Guess what Poland got-nothing.