172nd heading out

Stryker Brigade to say farewell to Fairbanks

172ndpatch.jpgThe 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the third Stryker Brigade, is leaving its Alaska base. They’re the “Arctic Wolves”, but they aren’t likely to see much snow over the next year or so. They’re headed for Iraq.

Unlike the second Stryker Brigade, this one is taking its own vehicles. The vehicles from the first brigade were left for the second last year, and they must be getting a bit ripe by now. Bring ’em home and hose ’em out.

I’m very curious to see how this brigade performs. This will be the first time that lessons learned by Stryker units in the real world will have been really incorporated into pre-deployment training, as the second brigade was packing up about the time those lessons were being worked out. So I expect that we’ll see even more good stuff out of this brigade than we’re used to seeing from the Strykers. In addition, a number of small and easy fixes have been made to the vehicles themselves, so hopes are high.