Okay…ALL the loonies in Michigan aren’t on the east side

Nazi party distributes fliers in Grand Rapids neighborhood


Residents discovered fliers on their cars and front porches from a group calling itself the National Socialist Movement. The fliers invited residents to an all-white barbecue.

WOOD-TV investigated:

The men were gone by the time our crews arrived in the neighborhood, but we did talk to a spokesman for the National Socialist Movement late Saturday afternoon.

He says the organization was started in the late 1950s and calls itself America’s Nazi Party. They’re against capitalism, race mixing and non-white immigration and plan to have a candidate for President in the 2008 election.

I’m thinking they won’t be a factor. They say “it takes all kinds”, but is it really “all kinds”? Wouldn’t “many kinds” be enough?

Then there’s this:

The pictures on the fliers also bear the logo of 24 Hour News 8. The photos were apparently taken from our web page without our knowledge or permission.

“I’m shocked that someone can lift our logo off our website and apply it to something to make it look like something we stand for,” said Diane Kniowski, General Manager at WOOD-TV8.

Shocked? Copy. Paste. Done. Not hard. That doesn’t excuse it, of course. But you better not be shocked to learn that it’s possible.

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