Friday Linkzookery – 12 Aug 2005

Linkzookery has been long on links and short on zookery, so I’ll be commenting on each and every entry. Lucky you.

Newsweek: No More Electric Bills
I particularly like the concept of a home’s excess electricity being pumped into the grid. While not a tree-hugger, I’d sure like to see more of this, which would drive the price down, which would make it more feasible.

The Digital Bits: Widescreen-o-Rama
An oldie but worth its weight in aspect ratio.

Will ‘electric bullets’ replace the stun gun?
Not a lot of info in this one. Just another sign that non-lethal weapons are on the verge of coming into their own.

Hollywood’s New War Effort: Terrorism Chic
If Hollywood’s not careful, someone may question their patriotism.

Minor League Baseball Player Is Major League Marine

Are They Too Young to Ride the Trains Alone?
Well, since they’re six years old, I’d say the answer is a great big “YES”, but maybe that’s just me.

M4 chambered for nerf darts
A pretty in-depth discussion and instruction. I may have to build one.

Pentagon Signs Off on NASA Launcher Plans
I’ve received a bunch of emails from varioius readers on the latest launcher developments, but I just haven’t been able to post on them. So here’s another with some incredible hi-res drawings: Safe…Simple…Soon. I hesitate to say that I’m a big fan of Shuttle-derived systems, but I don’t see that we really have any other choice at this point.

Building a BlueSniper Rifle
Scan and attack Blutooth devices from over a mile away.

Gigapxl Project
It’s really the equivalent of about 4000 megapixels, but who’s counting?

Field Report: British GR7 Harrier IIs in Afghanistan

Truck with goes BOOM
Via Buckethead, who says “Note to self: if you’re driving a semi filled with 35,000 pounds of explosives, don’t flip the truck.”

Flag made up of Jeeps
Do two-thirds of Americans really not know the words to The Star Spangled Banner? An Asimov article on the National Anthem is here.

Heroes Week at Big Mouth
Check ’em out.

“More are on the way”
Bill Rogio on the new Iraqi Army.

The HK416 Enhanced Carbine
More on this baby, which apparently is H-Ks hedge against the ever-lengthening process to adopt a new assault rifle such as the XM8.

The Army’s TSV-1X Spearhead high speed transport
Noted previously.


  1. Safe…Simple…Soon’? I notice that ATK is the host of this site. I guess they don’t just make popguns.