IMAX: Fighter Pilot:Operation Red Flag

New IMAX film. Check out trailers and more at

Predictably, Common Dreams doesn’t approve.


  1. Common Dreams = Liberal, naive, asshat surrender monkey! Fortunately, most Americans can see through his ‘drug induced, psychotic wet dream’.

  2. Asshat. I’ve always thought that was a hilarious insult. Anyway, is this really new? I swear I saw this at the local IMAX last year? Or is this a new one in the same series? If it’s the one I saw, there’s some AMAZING aerial cinematography, think TOP GUN, but not staged. Also some really great VERY high speed shots of cluster munitions hitting the ground. Imagine seeing a cluster bomb go off with the 5 seconds of impact stretched over 45 seconds in hi-def liquid-smooth video. Except don’t make the mistake I made. I avoided the kids in the theater, sitting in a pod of adults thinking it would be better. All the kids were very well behaved, it was the two asshats behind me trying to one-up each other out loud during the film with their pathetic ‘knowledge’ of military hardware. The only thing more annoying than people talking (not whispering) during a film is when they are so proudly announcing what fighter or weapon just appeared on screen, and what it would ‘really’ do. I especially liked the comment about the ‘new’ munitions on screen that they saw, and were wondering what new stuff the military was coming out with. They were looking at 500lb retarded bombs, probably from the 60’s. They had no idea what that ‘stuff hanging off the back of the bomb’ was, but they were sure they were noting a cutting edge technology that was just lost on the rest of the ignorant audience. Good film, but remember, it’s family-friendly, so not exactly hard-hitting gritty stuff.

  3. The film certainly isn’t brand new, though I didn’t realize it was that old. It’s probably the same one, though. I don’t think it’s made it to my local IMAX yet, though. And they aren’t called ‘retarded bombs’ anymore. They’re ‘mentally challenged’.