One milllllllllion page views

At some point over the night MO passed 1,000,000 total page views.

Thanks to all.


  1. How many of those are you loading your own page? Back in the early days of Perfidy, we were excited to clear ten thousand, until I calculated that at least two thirds of those were Johno and I checking to see if the other had posted something. But seriously, good job, man.

  2. Buckethead: I almost put a joke in there noting that ‘not more than 250,000-300,000 of these are me visiting my own site’. I should have known you’d call me on it anyway. The Long version: Seriously, there definitely are some of my own in there, though I didn’t start the Site Meter until I had finished initial template design work when switching to MoveableType and I usually have it set to ignore my own visits. Site Meter recently gave you the option to ‘ignore by browser’ (via cookie) instead of ‘ignore by IP’. I found that my home IP changed from time to time and I would have to reset the IP to ignore. Plus, my work has two different IPs that go out and Site Meter only allows you to choose two, so one work was always tracked. I figured that was okay since a number of people at work read the site. In the early days of 50-100 visits a day I was very careful to ignore my own visits. Now that numbers are way up, I’m not quite so careful, though this new ‘ignore by browser’ should help. I’m not certain that it’s 100% effective, though, since I sometimes still see myself in there. The Short version: Shut up.

  3. My hovercraft is full of eels! Oh, sorry… I believe I have officially taken this stupid Python thing too far.