DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for July

All four branches once again surpassed their goals for the month.

Dave Glazier writing at Intel Dump says:

What DOD isn’t saying in the release, of course, is that as previously reported, the Army was already so far behind for the fiscal year to date that it actually needs to recruit 11,000 new soldiers each month from July through September to meet its annual goal. So reporting July’s accomplishment against the baseline goal established before the year began strikes me as a bit duplicitous.

He’s right on about the shortfall for the year, as we all know. But I’m not buying the “duplicitous” argument. The monthly numbers are there, just like they are every month. The year-to-date numbers are there, too, which clearly show the shortfall. I fail to see any duplicity at all.

Others, however, can see it if they look hard enough, I guess. A commnter on the Intel Dump post:

Duplicitous ? Yeah.

But, honestly, who expected anything else from this administration ?