How to fight the Americans

Ralph Peters on the Real Target:

Our enemies know the Marines won’t quit. But they hope you will.

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UPDATE: And lest you think Peters is reaching, here’s Frank Rich from the Sunday NY Times (bugmenot):

Like the Japanese soldier marooned on an island for years after V-J Day, President Bush may be the last person in the country to learn that for Americans, if not Iraqis, the war in Iraq is over. “We will stay the course,” he insistently tells us from his Texas ranch. What do you mean we, white man? [emphasis mine]

Mr. Rich has publicly surrendered. Shameful.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH In a ideal world Bush would have been regularly on TV from the begining keeping people rallied up steady telling people examples of our successes and the enemies losses, our goals met and coming how we have gone through tougher times and we need to stand strong through this time. Tell of the the real doom and gloom senerio of what if we do fail or get weak at heart. Tell of how this war stacks up in history hell we lost more men on Island X in the Pacific in WW2 and here we invaded conquered and occupied a hostile land on the other side of the planet with minimal losses by historical standpoint insane sucess. Bush should play on peoples hearts that if we cant withstand this little of sacrifice for a war of survival we dont deserve freedom! Unfortunatley I have long given up on a President of such and now believe that the military needs to stand up and realize our current situation that this will be the 3rd 4th gen war in a row we have been beaten and instead of buying a new missle to better kill our enemy make a new ‘Informational Warefare Command’ have the military totaly quit helping and leaking strories to the media bring back military reporters and cameraman hire a freaking PR Advertising team, and take control of the enviromenet were we are weak and where 4th gen war is and will be waged in the future IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE HOMEFRONT. The majority of info about the war should be coming from active duty Info Warirors. Dont let this or that retired general be your mouthpiece with thier own agendas, and especialy not a Dan Rather Peter Jennenings ect…. take the battle into the militaries hands have Info Warirors in full dress making rounds everyday on all of the news channels giveing both sides of the story and YES they should be biased for thier victory. But NO they shoould at the same time refuse to be drug into politics use ‘the military serves the commander in chief whoever that is chosen by the people’ answer when it comes up. We should be seeing commercials on TV showing US soldgiers eating with Iraqi family X or fluff story X on this or that Iraqi kid comercial spots showing some poor Iraqi mamed by Saddam hopefull for his daughter pan left ect…. The majority of americans only know the 30minutes or so of news they get a day and that is it. If all that is is car bomb X this many Dead today this many yesterday no better no better no better why should they support this war. THey dont know no better. We dont have leadership in this country we need the military to stand up and fight for themselves. Their was once a time when the media / hollywood could be trusted to keep the people rallied and support our Nation that time is long gone Vietnam, Somalia, (Iraq ?? it is looking more and more that if we win this it will only be becuase it was so one sided that we were hard pressed to lose) The military does info war on our enemies for the hearts and minds WHAT about here were it counts. We lost 300+ a day in WW2 17+ a day in Vietnam for years and years and know we cant stomach 2+ a day. If this is true and the american people have become so weak as this and it isnt just because a lack of leadership and info war, then we deserve to lose and we deserve to suffer under the boot of our enemy for if you are to weak to fight for yourself and your way of life you dont deserve to breath. History has names for such people its called slaves, peasants, serfs, servants, unwanteds, inferior, WEAK.

  2. C-Low, I don’t agree with all that you say, but it is that Americans really can stand what it takes to finish what we’ve started. It seems to me that the administration needs to say more than just ‘stay the course’, and that telling us to go shopping to win the war leaves people vulnerable to a war malaise. In WWII people were making wooden tires for their cars to save the rubber for military use. They had less food and fewer consumer goods. People were a part of the war, even at home. They were connected to the shared goal via their sacrifice. The vast majority of people have no personal connection to the reality of this war – in both the pro- and anti-war camps.

  3. Wow, who would have thought one person could be so ignorant, bigoted and such a coward all at the same time…