What is this weapon?

I’ve stated many times that I’m no gun expert despite the popularity of my posts on the XM8 and other military weaponry. What I write is the result of research via Google or off tips from readers.

So I’m stuck on this one. Someone I know forwarded me these pics and asked what it is. I don’t know, and the internet filter I’m currently behind prevents access to many weapons-related sites. So I’m asking MO’s legion of well-informed and experienced readers to help me out.



The pics are from a television show (I don’t know where/how he got them) and he said that he thought it was .50 caliber, which appears to be right. He told me he thought the guy on TV called it an “M50”.

It’s bolt-action. The muzzle break appears to be very similar to that on the M82 and M107 rifles. Perhaps it’s a Haskins M500?

I’m probably an idiot for not knowing this. Can you guys help me out?

UPDATE: Is it an Armalite AR-50? It occurred to me to follow the link in the second picture.


  1. Wow, that looks like it would be really useful on safari… if dinosaurs still roamed the earth 😉 I guess another use would be if you managed to get 3 or 4 deer to line themselves up in a row, peacefully drinking from a stream… and you happened to have a lot of friends who really like venison? 🙂

  2. Took it with me on a hunting trip in alaska… went to try and get my first bear. I was planning on using it, but my guide wouldn’t let me bring the ammo on the plane. Would have been too heavy. He said either leave the ammo or the rifle, and you KNOW what I chose.

  3. Would a .30-06 or something similar be sufficient to kill a bear? I would have thought so, but I’m no expert. I’ve certainly seen demonstrations that show the penetration power of full length ~.30 cartridges is way better than that of a .203 long or .357 magnum. (on Mythbusters, they fired all three at a 1′ thick ‘bullet-resistent’ polycabonate box. Neither the .203 nor .357 penetrated the side. The .303 or whatever it was went through both sides (2′ worth) and kept going)

  4. What kind of bear? A 30-06 with a 180 grain ammunition would make short work of most black bears and the majority of grizzlies. That is what I carried for protection when I was working in forestry in northern BC. Of course you have to be able to keep your hands from shaking and make sure of your shot placement when one is coming after you though. 8o)

  5. Leigh………try Cheaper Than Dirt (they have a catalog and a website), just saw an add in their catalog for 150 rounds of 662 grain 50 BMG tracer ammo for $179.97 plus S&H (shipping restrictions to some states apply). Good luck!

  6. I brought the .50 because I would like to actually kill something with it. (excuse my momentary sadisticness) I hunt deer, and I don’t want my meat getting blown to smithereens. I also brought with me a Remington 700 in .30-06. I have never, EVER fired that at an animal and missed. It hasn’t needed to be sighted in since 1979. And I was hunting grizzly by the way.