Get to patchin’

KTLA gave me the heads up on this.

…another hole has been discovered in windows essentially identical to the hole that the Blaster worm exploited. Don’t be part of the problem, make sure you’re up to date with your Windows patches.

Here’s a story on the hole

Here’s where you get the fix

Do yourself and everyone else a favor by installing the patch. It’s advantageous to install it before your PC goes to hades in a handbasket.

UPDATE: Seriously. Update your machine. Now.

UPDATE 2: For about a week I was getting google hits from people looking for “wicked screensaver” and “msblaster+fix”. They were poor souls who were trying to patch the holes after the goo got in. Install the patch. Before you’re trying to google for a fix in the minute and a half between crashes. I’m not kidding.

UPDATE 3: Yes! YOU! Update your machine!