New ads on MO

I’ve added some CrispAds to the sidebar. Not sure about them yet but I’m giving them a try. The nice thing about them (especially for smaller sites) is that they pay each month as long as you exceed $5.00. Other places require a significantly-higher level to be reached before they pay, making it pretty hard for small sites to generate any scratch.

However, I’ve got quite a few ads running now, and I’m not sure I like it. I’ll probably run this way for a month (or maybe two) then cut the poorest-performing ad system off.

If you’re a smaller site, though, and would like to recoup your hosting cost (and be realistic – you aren’t going to do much more than that even if things go well) take a look at CrispAds.

UPDATE: And although Google AdSense’s TOS prevents me from even mentioning any such ads on my own site, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Google and CrispAd text ads pay by the click. This means that if you see a potentially-interesting ad on a site other than this one that you like, don’t hesitate to take a second to click on it and check it out. It can help keep the bits flowing.

(I’m not suggesting clicking for the heck of it, as that would be unfair, unethical, and would run the risk of carpal-tunnal. Besides, the whole “pay per click” paradigm is probably teetering on the edge of total collapse as it is, so don’t be the one to ruin it all for everyone.)

But seriously, most bloggers don’t make squat in terms of cash for running their site. And although most write for the love (or fun) of it, it sure is nice to be able to afford domain names and bandwidth without having to go without groceries. So give ’em a click once in a while if something worthwile catches your eye.