I said I’d link…I just didn’t say WHEN

Months ago I posted on the Book Thing and tagged a few other bloggers. One of them had already participated, so I tagged Buckethead at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy instead. Then I neglected to link to his entry even though he took the time to email me about it once he posted.

I never once said that I wasn’t a total jerk. (Well, if I did I was probably joking…)

Anyway, if you go check out the books that make Buckethead tick you get the added bonus of seeing the lists of the other Ministers. Remember–these are the guys (minus Patton, who just joined up recently) who had the Great Geek Contest. Interesting reading, to be sure.


  1. Well, if I had noticed, I might have been peeved. Damn you for not letting me get peeved. Patton gets Dork points just for joining a blog that ran a geek contest.