Not even close

While flipping through The Art of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones I came across this about the design of Coruscant, the captial of the Republic:

“We were going down to street level to see a Coruscant we’d never seen before. George [Lucas] threw down the gauntlet when he said it’d have to look better than BLADE RUNNER” – Doug Chiang [director of concept design]


Blade Runner, with its apocalyptic vision of a future Los Angeles choked with layers of technology and shrouded in an atmosphere of doom, has been a seminal reference since its 1982 release. But that dark city would be dwarfed by Coruscant’s teeming metropolis.

They’re kidding themselves. No contest. Seriously. I mean, haven’t they even seen Blade Runner?


  1. No arguement there! If they’re comparing Coras…uh, careus….dammit, that bright city full of no-smog flying cars to the metropolis in Blade Runner, then they’re just trying to pad their resumes. James ***