I agree 100%

Sex discrimination forbidden in US, except for Saudis’ benefit

Donald Sensing on segregated classes at Virginia Tech for Saudi students:

I think it’s time we stop being ashamed of being the land of free, and demand that all who come here for any reason conform to our tenets of equality, dignity and human rights, whether it makes them “uncomfortable” or not.


  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Why come here if you want it to be the way it is where you already are???? Only with more security, opportunity and freedom, of course. Don’t ‘they’ get it? With each ‘there’ they impose here, here gets degraded…ultimately ending up like a lot of ‘theres’ leading to the same kind of stuff they left ‘there’ for.

  2. Wasn’t it not to long ago that(1996) another publicy funded college, VMI fought the opposite battle- to maintain an all male school and keep out women. Its nice to Virgina moved into the 20th century

  3. IF they want to study here………they need to accomodate our social norms; coed equal education in this case. If they don’t like it…..they can go study somewhere else!

  4. Yes, Full Agreement Here. Would the Saudi’s do the opposite for US students and reorganise thier schools for mixed classes ? I think not.