Friday Linkzookery – 08/26/2005

A Hoist to the Heavens
I have long been a proponent of the “space elevator” and “beanstalk” approach. While I think in the long term this method of reaching earth orbit will be used greatly, I don’t share the optimism of those that think it’s going to happen soon.

Environmental Warship: HMS Northumberland
Enviro-friendly anti-fouling.

$2 for water for a year
A straw-like system that is good for sucking up and filtering 700 liters of water. Buy in bulk and distribute.

Air Force investigates data breach
You’d think this would be a far more severe crime than your run-of-the-mill illegal identity theft. By several orders of magnitude.

Goalie attends concert; team loses 50-1

National Electric Drag Racing Association
I really don’t have anything to say about this one. Starts Selling Digital ‘Shorts’
Check ’em out here.

Talks on single next-gen DVD format said over

Doctor in trouble for calling patient obese
The patient says he was “hurtful, not helpful”. Unless the patient isn’t overweight, she wins a Five Dollar Rule award.

Expand offshore drilling? U.S. wants feedback
Although cautiously supportive of increased drilling efforts (such as ANWR) I believe that all such moves should only come tied to significant increases in automobile mileage requirements.

Lost – The Complete First Season (2004)
Trying to decide if I should get this and pore over it frame by frame or just drop the whole thing and not even bother with the second season.

Frog Baseball
Do not–I repeat: NOT–click this link. An itch upon the reader who sent it in.


3 Sites:
No endorsement implied. But worth a click.

Live From The FDNF
“Analysis and discussion of the 7th Fleet AOR (Area Of Reponsibility) and the world beyond), along with the occasional sea story from a member of the FDNF (Forward Deployed Naval Forces).”

Gates of Vienna
“At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.”

Mark A. R. Kleiman
“A weblog for the reality-based community. Politics, policy, and philosophy. Science and spirituality. Literature and life. Did I leave anything out?”
If you’re an MO regular and generally agree with me, you’re bound to disagree with a lot on this one. But I think it’s worth watching.


  1. Bah, digital shorts indeed! In my day shorts were made of cotton or silk and were either plain or had smiley faces on them. Next thing you know, some smart alek kid is going to be walking around with animated advertisments or cartoons on his ass… I tell you, what we have to put up with in the name of progress… 😉

  2. If I wanted to buy that $2 straw for use when going hiking, or just so I can drink out of the local river, I really doubt they would sell it to me for $2. Does this also remove the industrial pollution when drinking from my local river? Or is it only natural bacteria it removes? (sarcastic comments) It is a good idea though, providing it is marketed without someoone trying to squeeze a profit out of it.

  3. Vstress: Yes, you’re right that it all depends upon how well it works against different types of undrinkable water. As for the price, I imagine the $2 figure is when bought in major bulk. I don’t have any problem whatsoever with the manufacturer making a profit. If it works it could be a great thing for the whole world and they deserve a financial reward for it. I’d expect a slight mark-up if/when selling to the government for military or foreign aid use and, as you say, a huge mark-up when selling commercially.

  4. RE: Hoist The Space Elevator/Beanstalk/whatever does not take one to Low Earth Orbit, but rather to Geostationary Orbit. While it does pass LEO altitudes, when there along the Tower, one simply does not have the necessary perpendicular velocity to ‘Throw Yourself at the Ground and Miss.’