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Ribbon cut for stealth bomber hangar

A two-plane Stealth Bomber hanger is open for business at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam:

The hangar project includes 13,000 cubic yards of concrete, 1.6 million pounds of steel and a state-of-the-art, push-button firefighting system that can cover an aircraft with fire retardant foam within 4 minutes.

Besides being able to house two B-2 “stealth” bomber aircraft, the hangar also can accommodate the nose of a C-5 galaxy aircraft for docking.

The hangar is along the airfield’s flight line, allowing aircraft that need to be in the hangar for repair, storage or maintenance to drive through.

Seems like they’re serious about basing B-2s on Guam.


  1. Toejam: Shhhh. Don’t say the ‘ch’ word so loud. Sam: I don’t know. They’re also considering basing a carrier group there when the Kitty Hawk retires since Japan doesn’t want nuclear-powered ships based in Japan. I don’t think Guam’s big enough…

  2. This sounds to me like more of a hangar for ‘black project’ aircraft. The very fact that a C-5 can park its nose into it, kind of seems to say this fact. This would allow a/c to be built on mainland US and not be seen when unloaded at Guam. The fact that the hangar is so close to the runway also allows the a/c to have minimal exposure to people on the ground. Maybe Groom Lake is not big enough, anyway, out in Guam there is noone to see much. Maybe a far fetched idea, anyone have any comments?

  3. Well, Guam is going to get a lot of new toys in the next few years. The Air Force is pumping about 2 billion to upgrade the air base. The Navy, Army and Special Forces are also doing some significant upgrades. The deep water port can handle a carrier and Guam is already a part of the ABM system…. The major problem I see, is those damn brown snakes, they are everywhere… Always have to check the air intakes, brown snakes don’t make good jet fuel. As for the B2 hanger and the black world?? Personally I doubt the hanger is truely ment for full time B2 deployment. Does not make sense to dump such a huge amount of cash to make a hanger for 2 planes that are home based in the states. Besides the Air force already has ‘portable’ B2 hangers for temporary assignments. The key points to look for is the air force, extending & strengthing the runways. The next key point to keep an eye on is if Liquid Gas ships start making port calls more often. The new birds are supposed to live on methane