OMG – Dilbert’s company is building the XM8!

(Click for better look)

This story has been running for a couple of days now in the Dilbert, but it’s suddenly so clear. Their project is the OICW Increment 1 program. As always, check out for legal access to the cartoons.


  1. Wow a deep sea sub is needed to find this box. Allow me to beat a dead horse. The 5.56mm poodle shooter is a loser. The replacement weapon must be something more effective (read bigger). Read this amazing article if you haven’t already for yet another first hand account of how weak it is. This is a link from Mudville Gazette. href=’

  2. At this point, I view the whole arguement about a new gun for the army is a loser. Any Army spokesman who can state that the Army sees a critical need to replace the existing weapons and in same breath state that it will take 18 months before the army could even select the weapon… Must indeed live in a Dilbert world. Dilbert for President!!

  3. new gun’ Shame on you James! Didn’t they ever teach you the old ditty: This is my RIFLE This is my GUN My Rifle’s for shootin My GUN is for fun It may sound like a take from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ but I can tell you I still got the scars my D.I. inflicted upon my ‘blasphemous’ body for uttering that verboten word!

  4. Toejam – True – A thousand lashes with a wet noodle for me…Though in my defense, the last time I used my gun for ‘fun’ – I got to put my lawyers kids through college… So I guess I have a mental block.