The eroding of our civil liberties continues before our very eyes

Alleged Iraq bomber was denied entry into U.S.: Customs agents in Chicago turned back Jordanian in June 2003, memo says

Via a reader:

U.S. Customs authorities blocked a Jordanian man from entering the country 20 months before he was accused of carrying out an Iraq suicide bombing, according to an internal Homeland Security memo obtained Wednesday.

The Aug. 22 memo to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff credited Customs agents with identifying Ra’ed Mansour al-Banna as a suspicious traveler on June 14, 2003, when he flew into Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Yeah, but what about all the other Ra’ed Mansour al-Bannas on the list that are being needlessly hassled by The Man? How dare they protect us like that!

And get this:

Al-Banna has been accused of carrying out one of Iraq’s deadliest suicide bombing — the Feb. 28 attack in Hillah that killed 125 people.

But the Jordanian government and al-Banna’s family said he carried out a different suicide bombing in Iraq. The terrorist group al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for the Hillah bombing.

“Yeah! Our son didn’t blow those people…he blew up THOSE people! Get it right…”



  1. Hmmm, isn’t the a PERFECT demonstration of ‘taking the battle to them’? He tried to come in here (we can guess to bomb something), and we denied him that, so he had to commit a bombing in his homeland. (Well, across an arbitrary political boundary, but still his home ‘land’.)

  2. How many ways are there to say it? We NEED TO START PROFILING! If I was travelling to a foreign country, and they were having a terrorist problem with white americans with blue eyes, I would EXPECT closer scrutiny!

  3. Mr Completely: You forget that they already do have tight scrutiny exactly for those types of people(those with white skin and blue eyes). Scrutiny for things that are not permitted into their country, which are not considered holy enough etc. And they say we discriminate? We search for bombs, but I guess discrimination involving search for unholy texts it makes all the difference.

  4. My girlfriend’s family visited Ireland and England while they were having problems with the IRA. Thier last name is of Irish descent, so they were politly scrutinized and searched. Did you hear them complaining? NO. All the dark skinned, possibly middle eastern looking individuals should just shut up an live with it like we white, Scots/Irish Americans have had to over the years. Frankly if the IRA started doing this crap, I would welcome being searched, because it means security is on the ball, and not being all liberal, and PC. UHG